Genital Warts

How does HPV Occur | Do Men Get Infected With Genital Warts | How Can Genital Warts be Avoided | Treatment

HPV basically stands for the Human Papilloma Virus and it is one of the most common viruses nowadays. This virus can easily affect different body parts. Also, there is a huge number of HPV viruses that are considered to be risky and can cause severe damages to your body. Some of them may even lead to cervical cancer.

There are approximately 13 to 14 million people get infected with HPV every year. over seventy-nine million. In fact, there are 79 million Americans are infected with this dangerous virus.

How does this virus occur?

This infection is contagious and can easily spread through bodily contacts. The physical contact that spreads this virus can be of any kind including oral sex, virginal or anal. Many kinds of genital warts are caused on your skin when infected with the HPV. The person who is sexually active has higher risks of getting infected with the genitals warts and HPV than the others. This infection is most commonly found in women and is occurred in the following body parts.

  • Cervix
  • The place where genital areas meet the inner thigh ( the groin )
  • Around or inside of the anus
  • Inside or around the vaginal area
  • The outer genital area of female ( the vulva )

Commonly, the HPV does not show any symptoms other than the occurrence of warts inside the genital area. It can take a long time a week, month or even year after the person is infected with the HPV.

Do Men Get Infected With Genital Warts?

Some people have the misconception that it only affects women. But the truth is men will also get infected. In fact, it is also quite common and warts often appear on the genital areas of men.

But the HPV virus does not possess greater health risks to men as it does to women. Still, it is extremely important to treat it or else it can at some time lead to various uncommon cancers in their body like neck, head, anal and the penile.

How can Genital Warts be Avoided?

  1. Getting regularly vaccinated might provide yourself protection against the infection. This vaccination started off from the age of 11 to 12 years in all boys and girls. This will also provide you protection against getting even a bit of infection for the Cervical cancer
  2. Getting regular screening for cervical cancer is extremely important and a major step in remaining informed against this severe illness. It will also help you out to treat the disease on an initial stage if you get infected with. You need to get regular screening from the age of twenty-one to sixty-five as it will lower down the risk of getting cervical cancer unnoticed.

How to Treat Genital Warts?

They can be treated by a lot of ways including the surgical treatments and the home remedies.

However, It is still recommended to visit your healthcare practitioner and get prescription medication. if you leave them untreated if may grow in size or also can cause severe damages.

Here’s a resourceful video by Laci Green explaining what is HPV and some treatments available.

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