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Wart on Nose Treatment

how to get rid of wartsYou wake up one fine morning eager to radiate the positive energy in you everywhere when you notice a very obvious growth on your nose resembling a wart. And it just ruined your day and your energy drops to zero. Wouldn’t you want to know how your day can be saved?

Firstly, you need to understand the types of the wart on your nose. Certain features of a wart can help identify and declare them different from what you might consider to be a pimple.

One form of wart found looks fully rounded. It has a rather continuous surface. To identify the wart, the color needs to be looked at since this sort of wart on nose has numerous colors including pink, red or even brown.

Another form of wart that is commonly found on nose is the color matching the flesh of your skin.

Lastly, the most common feature is that it looks like a certain minute, fingerlike extensions hanging out close to the nose or mouth.

A home inside your nose

wart on noseFinding a wart on nose is considered quite a common sight with Filiform warts being recognized as the deadliest types ever to exist due to the fact that they are quite prominent and are more sticky than the usual warts. One thing that is to be noted is that removal of every wart can be very complicated.

The worst part is the growth of wart is more likely to take place inside the nose rather than the outside. The process of growth may take place outside the nose and spread all the way inside. Warts tend to rest inside the nose towards the very end. In that case, the process of treatment would have to be more cautious and not involve any regular treatment.

Since once the wart travels inside the nose, treating it at home or undergoing a conventional treatment can lead to complications. Therefore, consulting a doctor is strongly advised instead of choosing to fix the problem yourself or finding the easy way out.

How to Get rid of it yourself:

You won’t have time to panic once you find a wart on your nose once you find out that there are numerous methods to kill that wart invading your nose. The warts on nose can be eliminated easily at home as well as after a session with your doctor. You won’t have to adjust to living with the wart on your nose forever.

Treatment at Home

For those of you who prefer exercising home-made remedies, they can easily grab things available at home and put them to use. Products like banana peel, pineapple, baking powder, Tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar etc can be put to use to destroy the it.

Other than that, freezing agents widely available in stores now, have proven to work through involving a propellant gas which releases at a cold temperature. This way when it comes in contact with the wart, the living tissue dies due to exposure to extremely cold temperature.

Another commonly adopted method is the use of Salicylic acid which consumes the wart on your nose until every layer is completely removed from the nose. The steps that are to be followed include dabbing the salicylic acid on the affected area and covering it with a band aid if necessary. This is to be performed twice every day to view positive results in two weeks.

What a visit to the doctor will do

DoctorIf you are someone who is not ready to take risks at home by undergoing home treatments, you can visit your doctor to help treat the wart on your nose. However, there are a few factors that need to be considered before making an appointment with your doctor.

Things like major time commitment and elaborate medical expenses are involved for treating a wart. Once your doctor performs his examination, a discussion regarding the options you have will take place where you will have to make a decision.

For instance, one of the suggestions given by your doctor could include surgical excision which is applicable for both inside and outside the nose. With the aid of a sharp tool made to cut, the wart will be scraped off from your skin making sure there is none left behind.

One of the very popular methods is Cryotherapy where Liquid nitrogen is involved at the basic tool of removal of wart on your nose. Under low temperature, the liquid nitrogen is able to rid the nose of the living tissue successfully.

There is a high possibility of the formation of a blister after the treatment. It is highly advised that no physical contact is to be initiated with the blister or else it will pop and the dead viral particles will badly damage your unaffected areas of the skin.

Laser has proven to remove warts through exposure to heat. Basically, in order to rid yourself of the wart on your nose, you undergo a laser therapy where the death of a tissue takes place once the wart heats up due to exposure of laser directed at it. You won’t even have to worry thinking if there will be blood involved because there are zero chances for that to occur.

Now that you are aware of every possible method, things will become easier for you when it comes to deciding your preference.


If you happen to wake up one morning and find a wart prominent on your nose, you don’t have to be alarmed or start wasting those tissues to dry your tears. There are all sorts of remedies and treatments available.

Also, doctors can help diagnose and treat you if you listen to them and be patient. Follow the orders and you will find your nose completely wart-free one day!

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